Blower Door Testing

What is Blower Door Testing?  We insert a framed panel, with calibrated  fan, into an exterior door opening and either depressurize or pressurize the house depending on what we are trying to accomplish.  Then with the use of a Manometer (a device to measure pressure differences) and software we are able to measure the amount of air-leakage at a given pressure.  The Blower Doors biggest benefit is in helping determine air-leakage areas in the house.  When combined with our knowledgeable technicians we are able to help locate all significant air-leakage into the home.  Ideally the Blower Door test is combined with Thermal Imaging to most easily and thoroughly find air-leakage paths.   Blower Door Testing also has other benefits including helping get an estimate of Natural air-leakage to see if Mechanical ventilation is necessary and how much, it is used in order to meet most green building programs, as well as the new 2012 energy code, and combined with a Duct Blaster Test can be used to determine the amount of Duct Leakage to outside.   Please call or e-mail for further information regarding our Blower Door Testing Services.


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